Invisalign is a teeth alignment system that straightens teeth using clear aligners. The aligners are created from medical-grade plastic to gradually shift the teeth into position. The patient switches out aligners every two weeks and receives a new set.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Benefits of using Invisalign include the following:

- they are customized to fit your mouth like inserts

- they are more comfortable than braces

- they are easier to clean

- they are easy to remove for eating and for cleaning your teeth

- they are less noticeable than braces

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign uses a system of plastic aligners that slowly shift teeth into proper alignment. Candid photos are taken of the teeth before treatment and after each stage. Patients wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss.

How do I get started?

The Invisalign process begins with a consultation with the dentist. During the consultation, the dentist will review the case, determine if the patient is a good candidate for Invisalign, and take x-rays and molds of the teeth.

The dentist will send the records to the Invisalign lab, where technicians will create a series of custom-made aligners. The patient will receive the aligners, which have to be worn for at least 22 hours a day for two weeks before you switch to the next set of aligners in the series. A regular dental checkup is essential to check if the treatment is progressing as planned. 

How to take care of my Invisalign aligners?

It is essential to follow the guidelines during the treatment period:

Always brush your teeth before you put the aligners back in.

Remove your aligners to eat and drink anything except water.

Clean your aligners after every meal. Use a soft toothbrush and an anti-bacterial solution to keep the aligners clean.

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