Digital Scanning

Digital scanning has become one of our most popular methods of taking impressions at iSmile Dental. Patients love this method because it offers greater convenience, takes less time, and is more comfortable for their patients. With digital scanning, there is no need to take messy impression putty, which some patients find uncomfortable.

Digital Scanning Explained

Digital scanning is the process of creating digital dental impressions, or molds, of your teeth. It involves no uncomfortable trays or gagging because the scanner gives a clear view of the insides of your mouth.

Instead of biting down into a tray full of unset dental putty, your dentist will simply place you in front of the scanner and ask you to bite down gently. The scanner sends images to a computer, which quickly creates a digital file from that information.

Benefits of Digital Scanning

Digital scanning provides several advantages over traditional impressions.

First, digital scanning provides a digital representation of the teeth. This representation can be manipulated and adjusted as needed. This enables the dentist to make an accurate diagnosis.

Second, digital scanning is much faster. Impressions are digitally scanned and then immediately sent to the dental lab. This eliminates the need for the dentist to mail impressions or waits for them to be sent.

Finally, digital scanning is more comfortable. Impressions can be messy and uncomfortable. Digital impressions are more comfortable because they eliminate the need to use messy impression material.

Is Digital Scanning Safe?

Digital scanning is a safe, effective, and time-efficient way for dentists to capture images of your teeth and gums.

Digital scans are very easy for the dental team to use. They simply move a wand over your teeth to capture images. The images appear instantly on a computer screen.

Is Digital Scanning Right For Me?

Digital scanning is especially useful for those who hate traditional dental impressions. Digital scanning is less invasive and more comfortable, and you don’t have to deal with messy impression materials.

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