3D x-rays

A 3D X-ray device is a sophisticated machine that rotates around your head while you stand still. It can produce images of your teeth, face, jaw, and neck. Because the machine uses cone-shaped X-ray waves, it can produce three-dimensional images.

3D X-rays provide a full view of the mouth and jaw. They are sometimes called cone-beam CT scans, CBCT, or CAT scans. 

Why Do We Need 3D X-rays?

3D dental X-rays allow dentists to see an entire jaw and all of the teeth at once. This makes diagnosing problems and determining treatment options much easier. Your dentist will be able to view all different angles of your X-rays, including:

  • Each side of your teeth
  • Each side of your jaw
  • Your jaw joints
  • Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ)
  • The back of your mouth

Many dentists and patients alike prefer 3D X-rays because they provide a more accurate view of the entire mouth. Traditional 2D X-rays are flat and two-dimensional, which limits their usefulness. With 3D X-rays, a dentist can see how all of the teeth and jaw fit together, enabling them to make a more accurate diagnosis.

How Are You Prepared For a 3D X-ray?

Your dentist will instruct you to remove all jewelry and metallic objects, like glasses, from your face. Once you’re in the x-ray machine, your cheeks will be placed against a firm, padded surface, and your jaw will be stabilized with a bite guard.

How Does 3D X-ray Imaging Work?

3D X-ray imaging is an advanced dental imaging technology that allows dentists to view your teeth and oral structures from multiple angles. With the click of a button, your dentist can rotate the 3D X-ray images, providing a complete 360-degree view of the teeth, tissues, nerves, and other dental structures.

3D X-ray imaging is extremely valuable for dental implants and other oral surgeries. It can help dentists get a complete view of the placement and positioning of dental implants, ensuring they will be placed correctly.

Are 3D X-rays Safe?

Yes. 3D X-rays are very safe when used properly. The radiation emitted from a 3D X-ray is minimal. 

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